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Informational Interviewing

    Thank you so much for your interest and help with this important SHRM Idaho initiative.  We appreciate you taking the time to share your company information.  We HR professionals are very aware of the value of your time and will make every effort not to waste a second of it.  All candidates you will see through this informational interview portal have been educated on the difference between Informational Interviews and Job Interviews and understand that this is not an opportunity for them to discuss any open positions that you may have. 

    As an employer, we know how helpful conducting informational interviews can be in helping a company to better increase their inventory of potential candidates.  An informational interview is typically a 25 - 30 minute commitment, for both parties.  However, the employer has the ability to determine the length of the actual interview.

    If you are an EMPLOYER interested in participating, please click here

    As a potential employee, we know how beneficial it is to have the opportunity to learn about an organization and perhaps some of the skills sets found within a company.  If you are interesting in participating in an informational interview as a job candidate, please contact one of these partners:


    Disclaimer: Although informational interviewing is valuable to job candidates, there is no guarantee that an actual interview or offer of employment will be extended as a result of participating in the Informational Interview Program.  Individual results may vary.